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Tarps, Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps And Poly Tarps - Tarpsplus.com

Tarps Plus offers a huge selection of tarps and canvas tarps in-house that come in multiple sizes and colors. We are committed to offering the highest quality tarps and the best service. We have been an American standard of tarps for decades.

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Ball Bungee - 50 Piece Bag - TarpsPlus

Ball Bungee Info Ball bungees are an essential accessory that can be used with virtually any tarp. They are available in both 6" and 9" lengths. There is a color choice of black or white. These ball bungees simply pull through your tarp's grommets and back around the ball to create a secure loop. These can be looped around a canopy pole to install a canopy cover. 

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Mesh Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

We have our mesh tarps manufactured with thick polyethylene thread shafts. These mesh screens are used in sports facilities across the country due to the quality that is built into them. Our Tarps Plus ™ shade tarps are quality covers. Our shading material provides windscreen protection that is second to none.

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Poly Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

Guide to Using Poly Tarps. A poly tarp is ideal for many applications. These are not your average department store type cheap poly tarps. Our super heavy duty poly tarps are made from high grade polyethylene and should be 100% waterproof.

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Super Heavy Duty Silver / Black Poly Tarps - TarpsPlus.com

Specializes in super heavy duty silver / black poly tarp sold individually. High quality tarps at wholesale prices.

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Heavy Duty Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

Recommended Heavy Duty Tarp Applications. The heavy duty tarps are highly recommended for agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. These tarps are manufactured with strength and resistance to demanding work and severe weather conditions.

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Olive Drab Canvas Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

Long-lasting and breathable, these olive drab canvas tarps can stay with you for a long time. They are ideal for long-term use. Just remember to maintain these tarps by cleaning them. Use soaps or detergents designed for canvas tarps. Never use a washing machine to clean them because the color will bleed and the water resistant wax will wear off.

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White Poly Tarps - TarpsPlus.com

White Poly Tarp Recommended Applications. White poly tarps have the same abilities as silver poly tarps. They absorb only a low amount of heat and they can reflect the light coming from the sun.

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Brown Poly Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

The Best Applications for Brown Poly Tarps. A brown poly tarp has the same grade as a blue poly tarp. The only difference is it has a higher denier (thread thickness).

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Canvas Tarps - Lowest Price - TarpsPlus.com

Tarps Plus ™ has a long standing reputation for making high quality canvas tarps . The Tarps Plus canvas tarps have been the industry's standard for decades. The canvas tarp's grommets are crafted with heavy gauge brass, which will not rust. All our canvas tarps are hemmed & stitched around the sides and reinforced at each eyelet. We take great measures to make sure our canvas is made with

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Tarps, Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps and Poly Tarps - Tarpsplus.com

Huge selection of tarps at 70% off or more. Get fast shipping on Poly Tarps, Canvas Tarps, custom Tarps. Tarps Plus guarantees the lowest prices on tarps!

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