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coupons · GitHub Topics · GitHub

Simple PHP coupon code generator to genrate N number of coupons. coupons php-coupon coupon-code-generator Updated Oct 21, 2020; PHP; Shmakov / kroger-cli Star 78 Code Issues Pull requests Clip coupons and earn points at Kroger-owned grocery chains. screenshots survey

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GitHub - weld-io/coupon-service: REST API service for

percent_off (positive integer): Percent that will be taken off the subtotal of any invoices for this customer for the duration of the coupon. For example, a coupon with percent_off of 50 will make a kr100 invoice kr50 instead.

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GitHub - zealvora/coupon-codes

Udemy has recently made major changes to their coupon code systems. This completely changes the way in which Instructor can share coupons. Hence I have created this central GitHub page which will have the list of latest coupon codes available for our courses.

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Siteground Coupons & Promo Codes (upto 70% Off) 2020 - Gist

Siteground Coupons & Promo Codes (upto 70% Off) 2020 Why SiteGround is the best General or Managed WordPress Hosting. Who are specialists in WordPress is clear. Not surprisingly, WordPress includes it on its own page of recommended hostings . And, in addition, it is the only hosting that appears in the WordPress recommendation lists, Joomla

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GitHub - fnando/coupons: Coupons is a Rails engine for

The coupon code is generated with Coupons.configuration.generator. By default, it creates a 6-chars long uppercased alpha-numeric code. You can use any object that implements the call method and returns a string. The following implementation generates coupon codes like AWESOME-B7CB.

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New formula · Issue #2 · ameir/lowes-coupon-generator · GitHub

Hi, Lowe's recently changed their $20 off $100 algorithm to generate the digits before the 4 digit signature towards the end. Do you have an update for this tool to calculate the $20 off $100 codes using the new algorithm along with the

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GitHub - Deveodk/woo-discount-rules-pro

* Members of Wholesale customers group gets 40% discount, while Retail customers get 5% discount = Discount rules activated by coupon = * Activate / Trigger a discount rule upon entering a coupon code (useful when you want to provide discount to a target group of users) = Global Discount Storewide = * 20% discount on all items in the store till

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DIP-2: Coupon Redemptions by devnulldsd · Pull Request #2

Current Situation: The current coupon implementation has several weaknesses, some of them being: There is no incentive to buy into coupons early Most coupons are being bought in the same epoch Bots are fighting for redemptions paying tens of thousands of GWEI to redeem early Technically less sophisticated actors are loosing faith to buy coupons as bot operators will snipe to redeem newer

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GitHub - beyondcode/laravel-vouchers: Allow users to

Handling Errors. The redeemCode and redeemVoucher methods throw a couple of exceptions that you will want to catch and react to in your application:. Voucher invalid. If a user tries to redeem an invalid code, the package will throw the following exception: BeyondCode\Vouchers\Exceptions\VoucherIsInvalid. Voucher already redeemed

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Applying coupons using woocommerce rest api · Issue #11358

Still no updates about applying coupons with the REST API however I found another hacky way to do things (less hacky than using refund): you can set discount_line to keep a track about your coupon but the real way to change the discount field is changing the total of each items when you set your data object for the creation of the new order

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