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Actived: Sunday Feb 28, 2021

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Wet okole seat covers | Page 2 | Honda Element Owners Club

For all those parities who are interested in getting some WO seat covers: Try AutoAnything with this coupon code "FRMTUNDRA16", you can get 16% off (I checked this morning and it worked) This is a pretty substantial discount considering that the best discount for these seat covers is the military discount (direct from WO) is 20%

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Free oil change | Honda Element Owners Club

I got three free oil change coupons plus two more for free wiper blades. And a referral coupon ($50 for each confirmed referral). And a $150 loyalty coupon (if I buy from them again). And this was for a used Element

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Oil life.. | Honda Element Owners Club

Mine has been giving me $10 off coupons for the next service, a nice incentive for going back. "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.” - Kurt Vonnegut. Save Share. Reply. J.

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What are common +100k maintenance needed? | Honda Element

I say this because i received some coupons in the mail from them today, and one of their biggest coupons was saving $50 off a timing belt replacement. I also just recently called to ask for a 105k maintenance and they quoted me $800. At first i thought that sounded reasonable since I thought there was a lot to be done, but when i double checked

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Harbor Freight Alum Cargo Carrier on sale! | Honda Element

I'm missing something. You keep saying $59 but your linked ads all say $79. There's a link to a 20% off coupon but it isn't valid for sale merchandise. The local Harbor Freight store says they aren't going to get any more of them in, and the website says that they're back ordered even at the higher price.

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Tpms light on | Honda Element Owners Club

The only reason I had choose this one because they had sent me coupons for oil, rotation etc.. 10% off parts and labor. They have drive-in bay type you drive in and see the service advisor while your in your SUV. Hmm there was a sign for prices they charge for services:

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New SOP owner checking in | Page 2 | Honda Element Owners Club

oh man, poor doggy! But yeah, wet okoles are definitely worth it. I bought them through autoanything.com which is authorized dealer for wet okoles, free shipping and they have 15% off coupons regularly.

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Harbor Freight Alum Cargo Carrier on sale! | Page 2

The flyer you just linked to that ends July 29th has the STEEL platform for $59 and the aluminum one is $79. That's what I don't understand because this is the same offer on every single Harbor Freight ad I've been able to lay my hands on, plus every link offered up in this thread that claimed "here's the ad that says $59" - not to mention that the store manager is tired of denying again and

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Hitchgate Solo | Honda Element Owners Club

So I finally installed my Hitchgate Solo after about a month and a half of it sitting in my house. First impressions: It is extremely well built. Google

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G-Bag: Anyone purchase one? | Honda Element Owners Club

I got 2 originals. Nice size (I dulled out the name with a black sharpie, Sorry G-guy) I actually take one in the store with us (coupons and sales). I keep them in the seat back bungies - match nicely! I McGuired the E when I got her - no matter what I try- the velcro won't stick. So I wiped up the glue mess and use them another way.

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